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   Dec 01

It’s here! The Holiday Gift Guide for 2014!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas! And I’m teaming up with two of my favorite blogs, Naturally Frugalicious and Milk Wasted once again, to bring you this great holiday gift guide. It’s chock full of great gifting ideas for everyone on your list AND as an added bonus, lots of giveaways too!

Pour yourself a nice cuppa tea or hot cocoa and settle down to browse. You’ll be glad you did!

   Dec 11

Give your cat the gift of good health with Against the Grain

Christmas is coming and if you’re anything like me, your furkids will have stockings, too, and will find gifts under the tree just like the two-leggeds.

Chewies and tug toys are great and we all have a lot of fun with them, but I think the best gift we can give our companion animals is the gift of good health. In order to do that, we have to start by building a firm foundation.

The food we choose to feed them is every bit as important as the food we choose for our two-legged family. Treats are fine, but you wouldn’t only give your human kids ramen and boxed mac and cheese, would you? Then why feed inferior types of pet food?

Recently, I was sent samples of New Generation Super Food Cat Foods by Against the Grain. Made with human grade ingredients, these grain-free, gluten-free, gmo-free, hormone free, antibiotic free foods are just what the doctor ordered.

We have several nutritionally at risk cats here, at any given time. Seniors and kittens being weaned from the bottle to solids have special needs and truly can’t afford to miss any meals. That hasn’t been an issue with Against the Grain.

Simmered in a rich gravy, it’s tender, extremely palatable and has been a big hit here in the lost world. It smells delightful, right out of the container, and even my 14 year old rescue has gobbled it right down. It’s easy for my weaning kittens to manage too…one taste and they were sold! I like that!

NEVER using meals, dehydrated, or rendered ingredients, Against the Grain is meat-dominant, using at least 85% real meat, and includes only the freshest, whole, unprocessed meats, fruits, and vegetables.

With varieties like Chicken Mayflower with Turnip Dinner, Tuna & Cucurbita with Lamb Dinner, Tuna Mango Tango with Duck Dinner, Tuna Toscano with Salmon & Tomato Dinner and more, I’m betting even the pickiest of your feline eaters will love mealtime, again.

A family-owned and operated company, Against the Grain truly considers their pets a part of the family and would do anything to ensure the life, health, and happiness of their family.

Against the Grain owns its own manufacturing facility and that enables them to produce the BEST bio-available pet food available.
Their criteria for pet foods is:


Nutritionally superior food using only whole, fresh, non-processed ingredients

Ensuring all nutrition is biologically available

Ensure that maximum palatability for the culinary pleasures and increased quality of life of our companion pets.

They also hold themselves to a high standard of environmental and social responsibility using much natural light throughout their facility, as much recycled material in their packaging as possible, and their own water supply from an on-site well.


Against the Grain gets a huge paws up from us!

Purchase Against the Grain products directly from their website or at a brick and mortar pet supply store near you!

Connect with Against the Grain on Facebook and Twitter too!

   Dec 11

Peace of mind for parents with TeenSafe (and a $50 Amazon GC #giveaway!)

Raising kids these days is a scary business. Dangers lurk just around every corner, sometimes disguised and are hidden in places we’d never expect.

My policy when I had teens in my home was “I will respect your privacy and will not snoop right up until the time you give me cause to worry. Then ALL bets are off and I WILL snoop.” I can think of a time or two that this saved all of us genuine heartache in the end. I can also think of a time or two that I was wrong and that created it’s own set of problems.

Oh how I wish I had had a product like TeenSafe back then!

TeenSafe is the only text message monitoring device for the iPhone and Android that does NOT require you to jail break your iPhone and violate Apple’s Terms & Conditions.

With TeenSafe, you can view texts, call logs, see both the phone’s location AND a history of locations, view your child’s social media activity and more.

Keep in mind that if your child is under 18 years old and you pay the phone bill, you are legally entitled to monitor their phone usage. It is entirely up to you to disclose your use of TeenSafe or not, but on an iPhone, TeenSafe is not detectable in any way. On an Android device, a discrete app is installed in the background. It is almost undetectable since it does not appear on the phone’s home screens or app dashboard nor does it have the TeenSafe logo anywhere, allowing for disclosure ONLY if you have found cause to be concerned. I like that!

As a way of introducing themselves to you, the good folks at TeenSafe would like to offer my US & CA readers the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, which will be provided as a gift code emailed to the winner! Thank you so much!

Enter below and good luck to all!

life in the lost world is not responsible for prize fulfillment

   Dec 08

Menu Plan Monday – #ExtremeVeganYumminess

Monday – in search of the world’s best veggie burger



Chickpea and Spinach Burgers
Oven Fries


Taco Tuesday



Chickpea Tostados
Chips w/ Salsa and Guacamole








Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes
Mixed Green Salad
Homemade Bread




Tofu and veggies in ginger garlic sauce
brown rice

pineapple slices




Green Beans




Rosemary Chick’n with Roasted Potatoes
Steamed Brocolli
Cloverleaf Rolls
Blueberry Pie
As it get’s closer to Christmas, my creativity in the kitchen always seems to fade. I get so busy baking for the holidays and caught up in the hustle and bustle that when dinner time rolls around, I’m ready to opt for sammies or a simple salad and fruit.
Does the same thing happen at your house? How do you cope with it all?
Leave a comment and tell me about it!

   Dec 07

Teething help with Nawgum by Mello & Co review and #giveaway

With as many kids as I’ve been blessed with, I’ve had all kinds of teethers. There were the kids that you never knew were teething until the teeth had already popped through their little gums, the kids that started drooling a month before their gums even looked swollen, the kids that got an ear infection with each new tooth and the kids that chewed on EVERYTHING to help gnaw those little pearly whites through the surface.

Unfortunately for our chewers, we never had a teether as unique, effective or soothing as the new Nawgum All-In-One Teether by Mello & Co.

Designed by Mom and desired by Baby, the Nawgum is recognized by as an ideal chewing aid and if our Desi’s reaction to it is any indication, I’d agree with that assessment, 100%.

Nawgum has a unique shape (think of a cactus waving at you) that helps soothe at each stage of tooth development, from gums to insisors even those far reaching molars. Most teethers do nothing for the back of the gums…concentrating only on the front few teeth. When the kids were cutting molars, they were pretty much on their own.

Nawgum is made with unique textures strategically placed in just the right spots for easing painful areas and regardless of what side baby is chewing on, there is an easy grip to hold on to. I like that!

It goes without saying that Nawgum is BPA free, CPSC compliant, made of seamless food-grade silicone and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

You can purchase your own Nawgum via the website at Mello & Co or use the handy dandy product locator to find them in a brick and mortar store near you!

Connect with Mello & Co on Facebook too!

The wonderful folks at Mello & Co would like to offer one of you the chance to win one of their great Teethers as a way of introducing themselves to you! Just climb aboard the Rafflecopter to enter!

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