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   May 27

EZ Sox The “I Can Do It” Sock! review and #giveaway – ends 6/17

Anyone with a toddler knows that they go through those stages where everything has to be “I can do it myself”, whether or not they actually can! This applies particularly when it comes to them dressing themselves. The worst feeling is wanting to step in and help, but knowing you shouldn’t. Am I right?

So what’s a mom (or grandmom) to do?

Not to long ago, the folks at EZ SOX sent me a 2 pack of their great kids socks for Mikayla to try. Oh how I wish I had EZ SOX when the big kids were littles! These little sockies might be the best thing since sliced bread!

please pay no attention to Mikayla's self induced haircut *sighs*

EZ SOX are these great comfy, stretchy, non-skid socks with loops, that act as handles, sewn onto the tops! It immediately turns a frustrating chore, for littles, into an “I can do it”moment! You should have seen Mikayla’s little face light up when she realized she could put her own socks on without the usual struggle! It was truly and A+ moment, in my book!

Mikayla must have changed back and forth between the wee ladybug socks and the butterfly socks a dozen times that first day!

They come in all sorts of cute designs from the ladybug and butterfly that we chose, to pigs and bunnies, dogs and teddy bears, t-rex and elephants and even some nice solid colors for older children and are available in 2 packs or convenient 6 packs too. An added bonus is that when you buy a 6 pack, you’ll receive a free 2 pack as their way of thanking you! Can’t beat that! In addition, when you ‘Like’ EZ SOX on Face Book, you can get their ‘Buy 3 get One Free’ offer. If you buy Three – 2 pair packs they can get their choice of any other 2 pair pack free.

EZ SOX has recently debuted an adult line too. What a boon for a senior battling arthritis, a special needs person, or someone healing from an injury to their hands!

EZ SOX mission is to encourage kids and help anyone struggling with this simple daily necessity, from a toddler or special needs person learning about self-sufficiency to a senior struggling to maintain their dignity.

EZ SOX are available at many fine retailers from Alabama to Washington. You can Check the handy dandy store locator HERE to see if they’re available near you, or if you prefer, they can be ordered directly through the EZ SOX website HERE.

The wonderful folks at EZ SOX would also like to offer one of my readers a chance to win one 2 pack of EZ SOX here at life in the lost world! Thank you so much!

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Disclosure: The blog owner (that’s me!) received a product(s) from EZ SOX to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation for this post and the opinions contained herein, are my own and reflect my experience with the product(s). Your own may differ.

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  2. Sandy VanHoey says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Memorial Day and a Big Thank You to all our military men and woman who serve and have served.

  3. Paula Lee says:

    Too cute! Good morning Jayedee :)

  4. crafty says:

    I am excited to see these socks. Perfect for teaching the grandchildren to dress themselves.

  5. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    Hello I think my niece would love these socks

  6. Terri Menke says:

    Hope you are having a great day!

  7. lisa says:

    great giveaway!!

  8. Kathy S says:

    Thanks for the givewaway!

  9. Peter says:

    Thanks. Have a good day.

  10. alissa apel says:

    Isaak has a bear pair and LOVES them. For awhile, they were all he wanted wear. Of course I didn’t do laundry every day, so he was disappointed a lot.

  11. Kerry says:

    These are adorable! And would definitely help my daughter get her socks on properly.

  12. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh these are so adorable! Thanks for all you do and the fun giveaways!

  13. I absolutely love your blog and read it regularly! Your posts are always fun and sometime pretty humorous! LOL I appreciate all you do and thanks for all the great giveaways! Keep up the good work! :)


  14. Joana A says:

    my daughter might need some of these socks. thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Nina says:

    Wow, these socks are so cute! Thanks!

  16. tracie brown says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! very cute

  17. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I would LOVE these. So cute !!

  18. mallory richardson says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!!! =)

  19. Melissa S says:

    great giveaway

  20. sandra says:

    these socks look great

  21. Kelly D says:

    These socks are so cute. Thanks.

  22. Alicia Sneed says:

    These look awesome! It would definitely help with my 2 year old!

  23. Helen Keeler says:

    Dorie would love these.

  24. jeanne conner says:

    Mother nature brought some rain today…. Amen!!

  25. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    Those are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!