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   Jul 31

How To Maximize Your Summer! – guest post by Josh

Summer is here, and the kids are already clamoring to get in the pool. Maybe you’re looking forward to lounging by the pool, acting as life-guard, after all. But, what is the key to luxurious outside living? You’ll want comfort and beauty whether you’re relaxing around the pool, porch, or patio. So, here are some ideas that I have utilized in the past and also plan to in the future.

Possibly one of the considerations for choosing your pool-side furnishing is the space you have. Loungers take up a lot of room, so you’ll have to keep that in mind. Besides, you may be happier with chairs and a small table, rather than loungers, so the kids can gather around for refreshments. A small, square area is often best utilized with a round table, which gives access to all areas of the patio area. If there are no nearby trees for shade, an umbrella serves nicely. Slightly tight spaces work well with pedestal furniture, so look for a pedestal table and swivel chairs on a pedestal rather than legs.  This will reduce the likelihood of stubbing your toe and bumping your knee as you move around the smaller spaces. Place a few pots filled with brightly colored flowers in the corners and you have a beautiful, restful beach house getaway.


Maybe the kids are grown and gone, and the pool is for your entertaining and retreat. Look for upholstered outdoor furniture in this case. Keep it light colored so that it doesn’t get hot, and accent with durable but attractive throw pillows. These can serve as seating, as well, for that evening cocktail party. To keep the look light, get sofa and love-seat sized upholstered furniture that is up on legs. It will give the impression of floating, which is quite a good theme for pool furnishings, don’t you think?

Don’t forget a glass-topped coffee table and side tables. These give convenient areas for your guests to place their drinks. The glass surface will keep the area open and airy-looking without stopping the eye as it travels around the space. Add a few candles in the same color as your upholstery, and it creates a restful area for both your body and your senses.


Does your pool have an adjacent screened-in cabana or porch? This gives you the convenience of an indoor room protected from insects and wind, with the sunshine and fresh air of being outdoors. Since these rooms are usually protected from the extremes of weather, you can use some furnishings that you otherwise would be denied. Try some wicker or rattan furniture here. The upholstered cushions will give you plenty of comfort, and a simple barley-twist side table will add a touch of fine furnishing to the space. Use two sofas placed facing each other for entertainment and hanging out. You can even have a ceiling fan in this enclosed area. Place the sofas with the end toward the pool, so that the view is not obscured. For additional seating, a couple of light-weight rocking chairs can be placed at the end of the sofas. They will be small enough to not obscure your view, yet add additional seating.


Perhaps you like to have all your friends or family over for a BBQ by the pool. Have you considered a rolling island? It can be used for chopping and preparing food over in the outdoor kitchen, then you can roll it to poolside and serve your guests. A portable island like this is also useful as a dining table, with sturdy stools pulled up to it. These can be easily stacked and stored away when the guests leave, giving you your deck back.

In this instance, you could even have a built-in grill with an outdoor sink and ice maker. Some people are even having dishwashers installed in their outdoor kitchen. This is something I’m personally looking to do once I have saved up enough!

Don’t forget lighting for your pool setting. This can be a difficult accomplishment without the right equipment. But, solar lights can be very helpful in these cases. You can also get spotlighting and accent lighting that provides enough ambient light to make your evening by the pool delightful.



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