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   Nov 19

Vegan Fashion: Clearing up the Myths and Why it’s Chic Fashion to Invest in

If you’ve been curious about vegan clothing and would like to invest in clothing that’s mindful of the earth and animals, vegan fashion is certainly a great way to do it. Vegan clothing is not only eco-friendly, but it is also mindful towards its workers. Companies only support living wage, sweatshop-free and are fair trade. The fact is, however, that the word vegan can be misconstrued. That’s why it’s important to clear up the misconceptions so that you can understand what vegan fashion really is.

Vegan Fashion is Affordable –

If you think vegan clothing is expensive, think again. That’s just one of the misconceptions that need to be cleared up. Not only can you use coupons for vegan brand names, but vegan clothing is fairly inexpensive compared to expensive brand name clothing that you would otherwise spend your money. Use coupons and then you can say “I saved $5 dollars at” while supporting vegan fashion simultaneously.

Vegan Fashion is Not Hard to Find –

If you think vegan fashion is hard to find, think again. Just like searching for something you have your heart set on finding takes research, so does seeking out vegan fashion. You may be surprised that vegan finds are already in many of the stores you go to regularly, such as Payless, Bakers, and Target. Many
of these shops sell vegan shoes and many companies are now getting into vegan fashion with bags and even footwear! Take the time to research which companies are making vegan fashion products and after doing your research it will be a lot easier to find these earth and animal friendly products at your local store.

Vegan Fashion has Nothing to Do with What You Eat –

If you’re not familiar with the term vegan then you may not realize that vegan fashion has nothing to do with what you eat. Vegan fashion is all about wearing clothing and accessories that are made without the use of any animal materials which includes wool, silk, angora (rabbit fur), leather, and more. By supporting vegan fashion you are making a stand against animal cruelty and are only supporting companies that care about the earth and the creatures that are a part of it.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She likes to support vegan fashion and eco-friendly apparel!

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