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   Dec 05

It’s National Cotton Candy Day!

I ADORE cotton candy! I love everything thing about cotton candy – the way it looks, the way it feels when it melts on my tongue, the smell of cooking sugar wafting through the air – I guess I’m really just a big kid at heart! We’ve actually worn out three cotton candy machines here in the lost world and I’m looking for another one!

I wonder why the month of December was picked to celebrate cotton candy?? That’s a good question for sure. Cotton candy is not really popular during the winter months in the United States and since this is a U.S. holiday, I would of thought it would be celebrated during the summer. I guess who ever created this holiday knows something we don’t.

Cotton candy (American English), candy floss (British English / Hiberno English), or fairy floss (Australian English) is a form of spun sugar. Since it consists of mostly air, servings are large. Many people consider eating cotton candy part of the quintessential experience of a visit to a fairground or circus. The most popular color of cotton candy is pink, though any color can be made. Eating cotton candy is often considered only one part of its allure; the second part is the act of watching it being produced in a machine.
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