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   Dec 10

Menu Plan Monday – with @Lightlife – ExtremeVeganYumminess

Lightlife makes some of my favorite foods. Yes, they’re “convenience” foods but in this case, convenience doesn’t equal unhealthy….not at all. If you’ve never tried this brand, this busy holiday season might be just the right time to.  Lightlife makes it easy to put a delicious healthful meal on your family’s table in record time!


Lentils with Garlic and Smart Ground
Sunflower Seed Bread

Taco Tuesday

No Meat-a-Fajita (I’ll use vegan cheese and sour cream)
Spanish Rice
Refried Beans


Asian Noodle Bowl with Seared Tempeh
Fresh Pineapple


Quick Weeknight Paella
Homemade Whole Wheat Rolls


Smart Pepperoni Pizza (I’ll use daiya cheese)
Fresh Strawberries


Smart Deli® Sandwich


Chick Pea Fritters with Dill Sauce (I’ll use soy yogurt)
Hummus and Veggies for dipping

Do these recipes sound wonderful or what? Do
yourself a favor and be sure to put some great foods
from Lightlife on your shopping list this week…I think
you’ll be happy you did!

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