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   Jan 31

Essential Upkeep for Your Unique Home


Inside and out, all homes require at least some on-going maintenance. Some need more than others and depending on design and the age of the home, most dwellings have unique maintenance needs. For instance, a home with extensive architectural detail will likely have unique maintenance requirements to retain its luster and richness. In contrast, a home with clean and simple lines will require less work in that regard.

 DIY Maintenance Projects

Plumbing issues are common for every homeowner. It doesn’t seem to matter if your home is new or old, pipes can still get clogged. With that in mind it is a good idea to keep certain tools on hand.  Start with a plunger. If the plunger doesn’t work to unclog the pipe you can try a small drain snake. Both of these tools can be purchased at any hardware store.

Caring for your heating and air conditioning unit begins with changing the filters on a regular basis. This is a very simple procedure and the best part is, the cheaper filters are actually recommended. The reason is, they are more cost effective and they allow more air to flow through, which means less energy is needed to run your heating and air unit.

Gutters should be checked routinely to confirm that they are firmly affixed to the fascia boards. Also, it is important to remove any leaves or other debris that accumulate in the gutters. Gutter guards are not recommended because they make it difficult to effectively to clean your gutter system and the fact is, most guards do not do a good job of fully protecting gutters from debris.

Many people have ornamental ponds in their yards. In order to keep the water looking sparkling clean a pond pump is submerged below the surface of the water. Unfortunately, these devices can sometimes develop problems that cause them to slow down. In most cases the solution is very easy. The pump is running slower because it is clogged; remove the pump from the pond and clean it.

 Professional Maintenance Projects

Eventually, every type of roofing material will need to be replaced, and this is a project that most homeowners choose to leave to the professionals. Before you replace your roof it is always wise to do some research. Learn about the different roofing materials available and recommended for your area. Also check for references on local roofing contractors before hiring them.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are part of home ownership. As the years go by home designs change and if you want to keep up with the market you have to update your home. Although some people enjoy doing home renovations themselves, many rely on the expertise of professionals.

In general, anytime you decide to hire professionals to help with a project in your home you should do some investigative work. Find out whatever you can about projects they have completed for others. If possible, go see some of their work.

Home maintenance is on-going, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take on the tasks you are comfortable with and find reliable experts that can help with those you need help with. The important thing is to take care of your home so it appreciates in value over time.



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