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   Jan 25

Miniature Gardening – The Newest Trend in Gardening

If you are considering planting a garden but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider creating a series of miniature gardens. They are the perfect choice if you have limited garden space or plan to garden in containers only. Miniature gardens are now available as an alternative to a full scale garden, which used to be placed in the front of homes several years ago and sometimes still today. Now with crowded homes and a lack of space, larger gardens and lawns are being seen less frequently, or only belong to those who can afford them. Even if one has a garden, sometimes they still like to design and develop a miniature garden for its aesthetics. To create it is not a problem and maintaining it afterwards is also easy to accomplish.

How Do You Create Miniature Gardens?

In order to create a miniature garden you first need to decide how you want it to look. Imagine how it will turn out after all of your hard work is accomplished. In order to make your miniature garden a reality, incorporating a proper design plan prior to purchasing the necessary supplies before starting the work is very important. So, one would need to decide the size, overall look with its different aspects and yes, the most important piece of all, the plants. Plants are to be chosen carefully as they are always one of the primary parts of the miniature gardens. Now, it’s important to think of the supplies you need and the step by step instructions to make this take place:

•Come up with a plan and design before arranging your garden.

•Purchase a tray, container, or cylinder that the miniature gardens can thrive in.

•Find fertile soil, sand and some stones.

•Think of plants that will fit in well with a beautiful, green miniature garden.

•Incorporate decorative items that will fit in nicely with your garden.

After making a list and having a design process in place, the process will begin by watering your plans so that they will grow. Make sure there is an exit hole for the excess water to pass through. Place some of your stones over select plants and be careful not to block the hole that allows for the water to drain. Instead use the rocks to work as a filter between the soil and the hole. This way the excess water will not wash away the soil and the plant will be fed with the proper nutrients. After the fertile soil is filled up to the brim with at least two inches of water, your plants should begin to grow over time. Follow your design plan and the plants as well as vegetation will thrive if the miniature gardens are planted carefully.

It’s important to take time with your gardening process and allow the plants to become settled into their new home prior to decorating. Wait at least a few days before mixing in decorations with the gardens. This way the plants will grow without any interference. Place them in sunshine and watch your miniature garden thrive!  Plus, with a little research over the internet, one can definitely master this wonderful craft of creating miniature gardening.

About the Author: Corrine is anxious to plant her garden and looks forward to finding miniature plants for miniature gardens.

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