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   Jan 04

The Friday Five (minutes)

You know, I will only rarely admit that there are positives to living in Florida. Generally, I mourn living somewhere the seasons don’t change and there is no seasonal rhythm to my life.

The last couple of weeks, Florida living has been somewhat of a blessing, though. Two days before Christmas, our well pump bid us a fond adieu and left us waterless.

Danny and the boys piddled around with it for days…while toting 5 gallon buckets of clean water from the neighbors to wash dishes, brush our teeth, water the animals etc. Thank goodness for those buckets though, I don’t know what we’d have done without them!

We were give LOTS of advice, from replacing all the fittings, to fiddling with the settings, and being told that no ifs ands or buts, we needed a new well until finally giving in and buying a new pump…but it took my husband 2 weeks to get to that point. Meanwhile, we got funkier and funkier without the luxury of a shower.

Hmmm…maybe Danny should start an “I Can Fix Anything With Duct Tape” dad blog? Or not…even his duct tape couldn’t fix that pump, although he sure did try!

Anyway, THEN it rained. The sky opened up and because there’s a hole in my rain gutter that has gone unrepaired (not enough duct tape for that either, apparently) for a couple of years, a ton of water came flooding off the roof. I did what any other nasty funky pioneering spirited woman would do, I grabbed my shampoo, soap and a towel and headed outside. As cold as that water was, I’m not sure any shower in my life ever felt any better!

Thankfully, the rain water showers have come to an end and we’re once again bathing like civilized folk. Hot water pours endlessly from my kitchen faucet and we’re not toting buckets anymore. It was an adventure…and one that I won’t miss at all!

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