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   Mar 26

Decorating a space for baby with alphabet photography!

There have been some pretty big doings, here in the lost world, during the last week! We have a new addition! Baby Desmond Lynn arrived weighing in at a hefty 10+ pounds and 21 inches long! She’s a wonderful baby girl and both she and mommy Caitlyn are doing well.

We had no earthly idea what her name would be. I was holding out for a ‘hippy name” like Cedar or Cypress but mom was leaning toward Olivia. This has been a bone of contention for weeks and Cate really didn’t like to hear about that popular kid’s show about a pig of the same name and the fact that the poor child would have to endure being one of a dozen Olivia’s in her kindergarten class.

We ended up taking the baby name book to the hospital and polling who ever walked through the door. From the nurses to the housekeeping staff…everyone was asked…and everyone gave a different answer.

Discharge day was upon us and poor baby still had no name. She’ll probably never know how close she came to going home as “Baby Girl C”!

Anyway, Cate finally settled on Desmond, just because she liked it and Lynn, for her sister’s middle name. I was happy because it was a bit out of the ‘norm” and mommy was happy too because baby really does look like a Desmond.

Now, we have the fun task of decorating the nursery in her honor! There’s a beautiful heirloom crib waiting for a nursery set to arrive, and a cute little shelf ready to house her little duds. All that’s really left is artwork for the walls.

Our tastes, for the most part, lean toward the eclectic side. We’ve never been much for cute little cartoon-y wall hangings, preferring, intead, to hang art that’s as individual as the baby it’s been chosen for, so when doing an internet search for unique nursery art and the phrase alphabet photography came up, my interest was immediately piqued.

I adore the thought of spelling out baby Desmond’s name with alphabet art chosen especially with her in mind and not having to worry that it’s a duplicate of a friend’s nursery.

Affordable, unique AND customizable. I like that!

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