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   Mar 06

March Madness and the Top 5 Best Fans in College Basketball

One of the best sports to watch and attend live is college basketball. This is especially true during March Madness. The atmosphere created by the fans is unlike anything in the sports world. Some fans are better than others in terms of cheering their teams to victory. Below is a list of the top five best fans in college basketball.

5. Kansas Jayhawks

Image via Flickr by ChrisM70
One of the premiere college organizations in basketball is the University of Kansas. This team is always in contention for titles, making their games fun to watch. This brings in a large fan base as they cheer their team to victory. In their home stadium (Allen Fieldhouse), they are currently 683-107. It’s no wonder why this college team has garnered so many fans. They are one of the best and fans always get to cheer for them during March Madness because they have made 28 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances.

4. Indiana Hoosiers

Image via Flickr by kmakice
One of the most historic teams in college football is the Indiana Hoosiers. They even got featured in a movie that put them on the map. Ever since then, fans have been flocking in to see this team play. Every year, the Hoosiers are ranked in the Top 15 in attendance for the men’s basketball program. Also, basketball is Indiana’s primary sport, so fans are booming when it’s college basketball season at the Assembly Hall stadium. Indiana Hoosiers basketball tickets are available online for those who want to join in on this rowdy crowd.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

Image via Flickr by Phyllis W. Hedrick
Kentucky has one of the largest followings in college basketball, which is partly because they have one of the biggest arenas in all of college sports. Rupp Arena holds approximately 23,500 people. Every year, this team leads the nation in fan attendance because it’s always in title contention. Also, they seem to always get high-caliber players that end up making it to the NBA. When opponents are playing against the Wildcats, they know they are in for a crazy time and will surely be haggled when on the free throw line.

2. Syracuse Orange

Image via Flickr by mnapoleon
Syracuse has some of the best fans in college basketball. Ever since Carmello Anthony helped them win a championship back in 2002, fans have not stopped pouring in. Lead by Jiim Boeheim, who is making his 38th appearance as head coach, this Syracuse team is always in the Sweet 16 tournament. The fans are as loud as they come in the predominantly college basketball state. Fans painted up in orange will their team to victory time and time again.

1. Duke Blue Devils

Image via Flickr by Steve Rhode
The best fans in college basketball have to be Duke’s. These fans are always in attendance as their team is constantly competing for national titles. These fans are some of the most loyal in any sport, supporting their team no matter what happens in the NCAA Tournament. Fans pack Cameron Indoor Stadium every year and are some of the loudest, most die-hard fans in college basketball.
College basketball fans are what make the sport so great. Without them, the game wouldn’t be the same. The ones listed above surely inspire hope for their teams.

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  1. I love March Madness! The excitement leading up to the final 4 and he big game are so much fun. I posted some great March Madness party ideas on my website to help all my fellow college basketball fans throw a basketball themed celebration at home. Have fun!