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   Mar 19

Pawbox subscription boxes for your furbabies – product review

Subscription boxes. I LOVE subscription boxes. Makeup, Wellness Products, Vegan Treats…I love ‘em all and JUMP at the chance to review them. Pawbox was no different. I didn’t have to be asked twice when invited to try it.

For a fairly painless $10 a month, Pawbox sends out their cute little boxes of four to five luxury product samples from high-end brands. As with most other subscription box services, there is no obligation and you can purchase for one month, three months or a year.

Sent directly to your doorstep, the Pawbox is meant to allow your pet to try new products in the comfort of your own home without the mind boggling decision making you sometimes experience at the pet superstores. They also include a cute little card describing each offering along with a monthly tip.

Sounds pretty good, right? In theory, it is. In practice, not so much.
Yes, it gives you a chance to try samples of products before committing to buy a larger size, but honestly? I can write to the manufacturers and get most of the same samples…for free.

My box DID include a bottle of non-toxic Incredibubbles and both the furkids and littles enjoyed playing with them. The downside? They’re made in China AND are available, on Amazon, for less than $5.

Pawbox is kind of the new kid in town and I hope in the coming months, they refine and recreate. The potential for a really good thing exisists here, they just miss the mark a little, in my opinion.

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One Comment

  1. Shauna Lynn says:

    Thank so much for your honest review. I’ll wait a few months before signing up. My kitties will love it!