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   Jun 07

The Friday Five (minutes)

Excerpt from an email I just received from my son…

“#1: A week or two ago the little dude was asking me about the fires I build, camping, my guns, why I wanna live in the country, etc. I answered all his questions and watched him look at his feet while he thought about what I’d said. He looked up at me and as serious as the Pope on Maundy Thursday said, “Dad, we’re rednecks aren’t we?” I nodded and said, “Son, I think we are.” He said, “YESSS!” and high-fived me.

#2: the very first thing the little dude said to me when he saw me this morning was not anything about cereal or going outside or playing mariokart with him… it was this: “Dad, guess what I saw in my poop this morning?” I pretended I didn’t have any idea and he proudly told me, “Corn!” he gave me another high-five.”

Outta the mouths of babes…

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One Comment

  1. Wow, I just have to thank you!
    You started my morning with a laugh!