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   Nov 10

Genetically Modified Foods: Who Do We Trust? – infographic

Organic food. Some people swear by it, some roll their eyes at the naiveté of paying more for a product that the scientific and food regulation communities generally agree is in no way superior, from a health safety standpoint, than genetically modified (hereafter: GM) offerings.

But unless you’re one of the few who still take it for granted that billionaire corporations and government agencies have the public’s best interests at heart, you ought to question the source of any and all claims.

In the 1990s, the Food & Drug Administration (hereafter: FDA) declared GM foods the “substantial equivalent” of non-GM foods, thus truncating extended research into the possible health and environmental effects of GM food consumption/production over the long term. The FDA’s head of food safety at the time (and presently) was a former legal adviser to (later, vice-president of) Monsanto — the leading manufacturer of GM seeds sold to farmers. The real bulk of Monsanto’s profits in this industry, however, come not from the sale of seeds but the sale of chemical herbicides to those same farmers, as the key attribute of GM seeds are their resistance to said herbicides.

Still, rather than submit to mere paranoia, as conscious consumers we must continue to consider all research and its sources as at this early stage in the developing history of GM foods there are very few hard facts to aid us in the formation of any lasting opinions on something that, in all likelihood, is here to stay. Take a look at this infographic below provided by

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