What is ACLS?

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It is extended to people who have suffered critical health conditions and require an immediate interruption to survive till they receive expert care to improve their health. Among the critical conditions that call for the application of ACLS, cardiac arrest is one. It is one of the most dangerous yet common occurrences among people worldwide. It is one of those occasions that require immediate and accurate interference, without which the patient may get exposed to permanent health damages or even lose their lives. ACLS is an extension of Basic Life Support or BLS, which includes CPR as well. The point behind the application of ACLS is to ensure life sustenance till the time proper medical care is extended to the patient. However, the methods involved in ACLS is more complicated than the rest (like BLS or, just CPR).
The American Heart Association came up with certain guidelines for the medical practitioners such as nurses, doctors, and other medical providers to be followed to help the patients suffering severe heart diseases. There is also a certification course that is to be taken by all the medical providers under the AHA guidelines which are known as ACLS or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support program. The person who takes the ACLS course can get the ACLS certification. The entire course and certification are based on the American Heart Association’s guidelines.
The course material consists of very high standards CPR and also with the advanced cardiovascular life support consideration and how to go about taking part in exceptionally effectual teamwork and maximum possible communication throughout the phase of recovery. The ACLS facilitates an individual to be well prepared resourcefully to become a certified American Heart Association ACLS practitioner. Once the course is completed, a person would be well skilled in the desired skills.
Many medical practitioners tend to take this course too as they are now aware that it can considerably reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and delivers maximum results at the same time. The AHA’s ACLS program is greatly useful in sinking heart strokes rates and by this means saving incurable circumstances from taking place.

Who Needs to get Certified?
ACLS Certification is mandatory in most states for all nurses, paramedics, doctors, and healthcare workers that are involved in cardiac units, emergency transport, and emergency rooms.
Other jobs such as teachers, firefighters, coaches, lifeguards, and people who deal with children may be required to get an ACLS certification.
Having an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support program certification means that you are trained and have the skills to make life-saving decisions. A candidate must complete training hours which include physical and written components that demonstrate the correct techniques in different emergency situations.
The American Heart Association comes out with guidelines every five years to ensure the latest life-saving medicine, techniques, and equipment are being used.

Where Can I Get Training?
Most classes are available through local colleges, medical facilities, community centers, and online. The ACLS course is also available through the American Heart Association. You need to ensure that the course you take is recognized and accepted by the American Heart Association. Therefore necessary to consider where and how you take the course.
There are many courses online that offer free and paid interactive quizzes and exams that will test your ACLS knowledge.
To be certified, you have to complete the online course and an in-person skills test for initial certification. This test will prove that you have the hands-on training to save people’s lives.
Once you complete your training, you are ready for the ACLS exam which ensures each student can function alone or as part of a team. An ACLS card is then provided to all students that successfully pass the exam. This serves as proof of ACLS certification.

ACLS Recertification.
To maintain your ACLS certification and brush up on your skills, you need to get re-certified every two years. This can be done online and get re-certified cheaper, and the process is much shorter than the initial certification. It usually depends on the organization that is providing the re-certification.
Getting Your ACLS certification is not as hard as some people make it out to be. In fact, you can get certified in just a few weeks.

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