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   Sep 06

A bit about me…

I am a vegan country woman, cooking for a non vegan family, who believes in God, family values, my country and being prepared for whatever may come.

I live in rural central Florida and like most women, I wear alot of different hats. I’m a wife, a cook, a doctor (for two leggeds and four leggeds) and a confidant. I’m a passionate voice for non-human species, a psychologist, a spinner of tales and a dreamer of dreams.

I’m helpmeet to Danny, my wild-eyed Irishman, mama to 13 (10 with us and 3 in heaven) and after losing a son to suicide in 2004 and another son to a murderer’s gun in 2012, a reluctant traveler on the survivor road.

I raise a large garden, and enjoying preserving all the bounty that our heavenly Father grants us, and believe there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a pantry full of food I’ve seen to myself.

I’m an opinionated, outspoken tree-hugging old hippie who wholeheartedly believes that we are only borrowing the Earth for our children.


  1. Bonnie Muir says:

    I just tried your popcorners for the first. Oh my gosh, I’m hooked. Now tell me where else I can buy them other than Sheetz’s. I live in Tyrone, Pennsylvania.

  2. Lucila Johanknecht says:

    I Love popcorners! I tried them at Costco and I can no longer purchase them there. I have diverticulitis and not able to eat seeds. I highly recommend this product. This is my popcorn and late night snack. Also great for the movies! Help me find your product in the store or can I get my market to put it on the shelf?

  3. Rebecca Preene says:

    Can you do a Wugadog giveaway again? My daughter and I were at Learning Express on Friday. We’re visiting the Atlanta area. The store was packed. Everybody was waiting for the clerk to bring out 30 Wugadog toys. It was a one-time event or something. What is it with these toys? People were pushing and quite rude. We managed to buy one, they’re adorable. We got a boxer, barely.

    • Shawna Smyth says:

      I heard of those wugadogs! I read about them last week and two of my girlfriends have one. The boxer (very cute). They’re not in stores yet except for small sales like the one you saw. Got a funny feeling… I think you convinced me to get one before Xmas rush. You know it’s coming. lol.

  4. Ace Maxs says:

    I suppose it was amazing contest. Hope you can more often held contest like this.


  5. Jody applebee says:

    I’m getting in to long crower’s and wondering if you still raise denizli,I have a pair and looking for some new blood. Also have some tomaru. Thanks Jody

  6. Chris says:

    What happened to Blackrockmud Company ?…website is no more. Where can I order this product now ?



  7. jamkho says:

    SALAM semangat

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