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   Jul 01

Paula Deen? Seriously?

Do we seriously have nothing better to do, in this country, than crucify an elderly southern woman for a word she used decades ago? A word that was wrong, to be sure, but also commonplace in those days? I’m sure all the crooked politicians, cops on the take, grifters, money launderers and abusers of all [...]

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   May 14

TEAS’ TEA half & HALF green tea with a splash of fruit – product review

I’ve never been much of a fan of fruit teas, preferring either fruit juice OR tea, but after reading about Teas’ Tea half & HALF beverages, I decided to give it one more go and I’m very glad I did. Teas’ Tea half & HALF is brewed using the finest green tea leaves and slightly [...]

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   Mar 02

The Safe Seed Pledge and taking our power back from Monsanto

Spring. The time of year when thoughts, for many of us, turn to the garden. This years seed catalogs began to arrive a couple of months ago, and those among us that are champion procrastinators, are still making their planting choices. If you’re the kind of gardener who buys vegetable seeds or seedlings (including tomato [...]

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   Aug 22

Responsible Gun Ownership….

As Americans, our right to bear arms is an important part of our culture. Unfortunately, accidental shootings and escalating violence are also a part of our culture. If we choose to exercise our right to bear arms, we must never forget that with that right comes responsibility, as well. My state, Florida,  ONLY requires that [...]

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   Aug 21

Kindness is NEVER wasted…

Remember way back when, or maybe not so far back, when you were a new blogger? or new mommy? or new employee? If not for the kindness of others you would have been just about ready to throw in the towel, wouldn’t you? I just read an excellent post over at Naturally Frugalicious, titled “Mom [...]

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   Jul 13

How do you encourage outside play? This is what we did…

In 2004, my part of Florida was hit with three back to back hurricanes. Living in an under developed rural town, our power lines are often the first to go down and the last to be restored. And so it was in 2004. The first few days, maybe a week, were kind of an adventure. [...]

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   Jul 12

Hearts on Fire – The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

What is it about a June wedding that seems so attractive to folks? I know that here in Florida, getting married in June would be about the least attractive option there is! Personally, I absolutely love the drama and sheer magic of a winter wedding and with summer just about half gone, the thoughts of [...]

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   Jun 19

Enter for a chance to win an Adorables Air Purifier from Crane USA! #giveaway ends 7/10

Crane USA Living in Florida, there is something in bloom nearly year round and that means pollen. We also deal with very high humidity most of the year and that means mold. Add the fact that we have inside pets that produce dander, you’ve got a recipe for disaster for a sensitive or allergy prone [...]

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   Jun 13

Kick Your Green Kitchen Up a Notch – #ChooseCartons

Let’s take a little tour of your fridge today. Open the door and take a look…what do you see? Plastic bags, deli dishes, a plastic milk jug? Believe me when I tell you, that’s what I used to see too. Now, as with most things I do, these days, I’ve moved on to greener, more [...]

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   Jun 07

Cheapest Network Carriers

With smart phones’ functionality being inevitably tied to wireless networks, selecting a network is equally important (or even more) as selecting the phone model itself when it comes to matters of saving money. You will have to pay for your phone once, but throughout your time using it, you will be paying much more. And [...]

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